Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Big Muddy Film Festival was by far the most intense project I worked on. I was solely in charge of and designed every graphic aspect of the festival- The logo, mailers, poster, t-shirt, program (inside and out, including layout), and notebooks. The theme for the festival was playing with light, which was right up my alley in regard to strengths in design. For the swirling colors, I had my friend who spins fire poi come in, and we took some pictures of him with long exposure times spinning glowsticks, and then played around with it in photoshop, and got that great effect in the background of the poster, which I absolutely love. Approximately 80 hours of unpaid work and lots of late nights and early mornings went into this project, but I had a blast doing it, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Alot of my work has been for various DJ crews from the area, and in St. Louis. I always love doing these, as for the most part, the graphics are up to me. Also, I get in for free, with vip treatment, as well..

Being a broke college student, buying presents for my girlfriend often meant I would miss a few meals as a result. So instead of fine jewelery, i found myself making various pictures for her. In addition, I also consider them to be some of my better pieces.

These are the front and back for the flyers for Cavetronic, which took place summer '09 at the Shawnee Cave Amphitheater, in Murphysboro. After these were printed, about half of the artists advertized backed out on the promoter, and then were very angry with me for having their name on a flyer of a show they weren't playing at, but by that point it was out of my hands. Showbiz. Oy Vey.

This is an album cover I did for an online record company, All for One records

This equalizer is a project I did for class. After this, I used the concept for a few various pieces, shown below

This was the original cover for the program for the Big Muddy Film Festival. When it was taken to the printer, for some reason, the designers at the shop decided to change it around quite a bit, to my great disappointment